When to Consider Corporate Interior Shopfitting for Your Work Area

When to consider corporate interior shopfitting for your work areaA great office design makes good business sense. That’s the principal we at Creative Shop operate on when it comes to modern corporate shopfitting. Regardless of your business model, if your staff operate out of a corporate workspace your profits are determined by their level of satisfaction and productivity. Your office design, and by this we do not intend only the layout, will have a direct impact on how well you’re able to both retain skilled staff and get the most out of them. But what elements need to be considered?

Starting from the outdoors.

Location and amenities

Once you’ve set up your office at a particular location you don’t have much power over whether there are parking facilities nearby or good restaurants, but you can take stock of what isn’t available to your staff and seek to provide it. If there are no cafes or restaurants within a reasonable range then consider inviting vendors to drop by during lunch time to offer meals. If there is no parkade then consider hiring someone to patrol around staff vehicles to increase their sense of security.

Interior design.

Your layout should reflect your company culture

Companies like Google want their staff to be creative and feed new ideas into the company. This is why they’re known for their funky, modern design which includes multiple work and play stations which facilitate this. Nothing invites informality quite like a beanbag but if you’re operating an accounting firm, this may not be the environment. Financial institutions, on the other hand, need to inspire diligence, intellectual endurance and attention to detail, goals for which a bean bag may be ill suited.

Comfort is key.

Moving and sitting should be easy

The layout of your office needs to take your production queue and teams into account to facilitate a sensible flow of movement. How do your teams work together? How often and in what way do they need to gather and share space? Does their work require being seated for long periods of time? If your staff need to sit for long stretches and may need to work late, it’s vital to get the right furniture. No one feels energised with a sore back and frustrated because they can not access the co-workers they need to.

Other aspects such as meeting rooms for staff or conference rooms for clients need to be considered. Looking into where and how your bathrooms or kitchen are situated makes a difference as well.

At Creative Shop we handle these and many more intricate details with a complete service which even includes delivering drawing packs for the landlord’s approval on your behalf. Our team includes corporate shopfitting specialists who are here to consult with you on all these finer points to ensure that your business has every advantage.

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