Using drywalling for a cost-effective custom store design

Create an aesthetically pleasing environment in your store using drywalling from Creative Shop.

Most business owners try to distinguish their brand from competitors. So, why not use a contemporary construction product for your custom store design: Drywalling.

Creative Shop offers drywalling solutions for corporate offices, coffee shops, restaurants, fashion retailers, optometry stores, pharmacies, kiosks, salons, convenience stores, homeware stores as well as cellular shops.

A custom store design the cheap, easy waydrywalling used in a custom store design

You can easily and cheaply elevate your shop space with a custom store design by using drywalling. Drywalling, also known as “plasterboard” is a sustainable solution and energy efficient interior wall and joinery option.

Drywall is made using gypsum plaster and is covered on both sides with a fibreglass matting or heavyweight paper. Drywalling is typically used to finish building interiors. Not only practical, as of recent innovations, there are interesting textures or decorations that come along with drywalling. Drywalling can enhance your store design since there is a baseboard that covers the lower edge of the drywall and eliminates the need to tape the lower edge.

The advantages of drywalling for your custom store design include:

1) Fast, easy installation – can be installed in hours, with little mess and fuss

2) Highly customisable Рit offers endless custom store design solutions

3) Cost effective – drywalling costs a fraction of conventional brick and mortar building works

4) Easily removed – so you can leave your landlord’s building untouched by your interior fit-out

5) Energy efficient – a great choice if you want to save on heating

Creative Shop can provide you with moisture resistant drywalling, fire resistant drywalling as well as cement-backed drywalling for your custom store design.  


Contact us for all your drywalling and shopfitting requirements – and we will help you build the store interior of your dreams.



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