Shopfitting specialists’ top tips for your retail design

At Creative Shop, we pride ourselves on being South African’s retail shopfitting specialists.

This means, we not only uphold high quality standards and attention to detail in all our projects, we also keep on top of retail trends and technology, so we can make sure you, our customers, always have the very best retail interior you deserve.

Here are a few of the long-term shopfitting trends and tips we have identified that we can help you apply in your own retail interior fit-out.

Shopfitting specialists tip 1: Security is a priority for all retail establishments businesses – especially in South Africa.

Shoplifters and robbers are an unfortunately common occurrence in South Africa. Security features such as sensors, wide angle camera lenses as well as biometric security devices are now essential in any retail design.

Shopfitting specialists, such as ourselves can help you plan where and what security features to install for maximum security at minimum cost and inconvenince.

With proper shop fitting solutions and modernised security practices, your Shopfitting specialists in South Africacustomers and employees will also feel safe.

This once again increases the probability of customers staying longer and thus making legitimate sales.

Shopfitting specialists tip 2: Use mirrors used as human marketing tools.

People LOVE looking at themselves!

With reflective glass and mirror finishes in your retail design, customers are more likely to stay in your retail space much longer.

Mirrors help customers visualise what your product will look like in their lives and in their homes.

Not only that, mirrors can help make your space look bigger – and also improve the security of your shop.

As shopfitting specialists, we can incorporate custom mirror designs into your shopfitting joinery.

Shopfitting specialists tip 3: Be at the forefront of “Go Green Initiatives”.

It’s no surprise that sustainability is at the top of the list in terms of business requirements these days.

Customers want to know they are supporting retailers with good environmental and suitability credentials, and businesses are realising the long-term cost savings created from thinking about their business from a long-term perfective.

Creative Shop supports shop fitting practices that are consistent with environmentally friendly processes and industry standards – to support your business objectives.

Illustrative examples of this includes the installation of LED lighting and the use of recyclable materials throughout your retail space environment.

With our reliable team of highly trained and expert shopfitting specialists, we can assist you with fitting out any retail space according to your specifications. 


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