Creative Shop’s Shopfitting Solution #1 – Abundance Sells

Every week or so we share with you our top shopfitting solutions to help your retail store sell more of your stock. Today’s shop-fitting tip explains the importance of abundance when it comes to your merchandising displays.

Why “Abundance” is one of our top shopfitting solutions


Although minimalist style is in fashion at the moment, retailers should not get confused between minimalist design style and minimal stock holding. Minimalist interior design can be very attractive and inviting to your customers. However, minimal stock holding can have exactly the opposite effect. When it comes to stocking your shop’s shelves, the old maximum of “abundance sells” still holds true.

Full shelves indicate to your shoppers that your business is prosperous and make your customers feel at ease. If your shelves are understocked, it can give the impression that your business is struggling. Physiologically, everyone wants to back a winner, so make sure that your store gives off “winning” vibes by looking fully stocked at all times.

Furthermore, full shelves stocked with all the relevant product variants – sizes, flavours, brands and colours – can increase your sales. Many shy and impatient shoppers do not bother to call a manager or a sales assistant to help them if they can’t find the product they are looking for on your shelves – they will simply leave your store and make their purchase elsewhere. Don’t take that risk, display the goods your shoppers are looking for within eye-sight and within reach to maximise your chance of a sale.

To help you, our customers take advantage of the “abundance sells” principle, our in-house retail space planners ensure that all Creative Shop’s retail designs make full use of the available floor space, to keep as much of our customers stock on shelf and within easy each of their customers, rather than locked away back of store. Smart, space saving point of sale units can help you do just that; and our fabrications team can prototype these very POS systems for you, right here in our factory.


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