Advantages of Hiring Retail Shopfitting Specialists

Advantages of hiring retail shopfitting specialists imageThere can be few things more intimidating to the uninitiated than staring into the hollow shell of a newly acquired store property and thinking, “what have I gotten myself into?” It’s a common sensation in new store owners and to be expected. With nothing but bare walls for decoration, a sensation of intense potential accompanied by the threat of it not being fulfilled can be palatable. But, this is why hiring an experienced retail shopfitting company is as important as your capital investment in the store itself.

We’ve all borne sad witness to the non-starters in malls and boutique filled streets which kept their doors open for less than six months. One of the primary reasons this happens is a failure to establish a professional interior design and space management strategy from the early stages of development. It isn’t something that first time store owners are often informed about but for those successful enough to open a second store, it’s always at the forefront of their minds.

Decades of consumer research has proven that critical elements of lighting, the use of space, music, display positioning, durable materials, branding and checkout area planning are essential to a store front’s profit margin. This is because these foundational concepts will determine whether your store attracts and develops a staple following of loyal buyers, or whether they’ll turn away from discomfort and confusion, cramming and long queuing times. A single indignant patron can spread the word to a great deal more than the five close friends they once had; we now have the added pressure of social media.

There are several key advantages to hiring retail shopfitting specialists:

  • Years of experience in multiple retail industries
  • A detailed knowledge of consumer trends
  • Relationships with high quality manufacturers to get you the best price savings
  • Advise on traffic management, display areas and brand development
  • Improved sales from optomised product placement and merchandising
  • Assistance with colour scheme planning, ambiance and lighting
  • Store-front and display window design

The list goes on but these are some factors critical to the longevity and profitability of your business, and a high degree of expertise in them is what makes Creative Shop one of the most successful retail shopfitting organisations in the county.

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