The Creative Shop team is passionate about all things retail.

Nothing beats the feeling of handing over a perfectly fitted-out store for a customer. Take a look below and meet the people who design and build our shops doing what they do best.

Our interior design team

The Creative Shop design department is where every project starts.

Our team of talented interior architects and draftsmen meet with our retail clients and interpret their design briefs into solution-driven retail interior design strategies.

They use sophisticated design software to design space plans and shopfitting specifications to compliment our clients’ brands and sales strategies.

The design department supervise every project to ensure that the final result is delivered exactly as the envisioned in their original design plans.

Our factory team

The Creative Shop factory team, headed up under the watchful eye of our factory manager, is made up of talented, dedicated craftsmen, carpenters, boilermakers, machinists and spray painters.

All these artisans work together to create the perfect fittings for your retail interior.

This team is responsible for ensuring our designer’s plans are brought to life according to the designer’s vision.

This department is always busy; working together to ensure orders are manufactured, packed and delivered to site on schedule.

The factory department often goes the extra mile to accommodate manufacturing a last-minute order for customer with a tight deadline. You will often find them working late into the night to ensure a shipment is finished, wrapped, packed and loaded to get to site ready for an early-morning fit-out.

Our installation teams

The Creative Shop installation teams are on the road all over South Africa at any givenmoment.

Our installation teams thrive on deadlines. They will do whatever it takes to get the job done on time – without taking shortcuts.

Our installers are trained to be problem-solvers – an important skill to have in the complex shopfitting industry, where dealing with unexpected issues, such as unplanned electricity outages and last-minute brief changes is all in a days work.

This team of dedicated project managers and shopfitters works late nights and long weekends away from home to make sure your retail stores get fitted-out perfectly – with minimal disruption to your trading hours.

Our head office team

The Creative Shop head office is the backbone of our business.

HQ is where our finance, administration and operations departments work together to source the best materials, at the best price to fulfil each and every job.

This team is responsible for allocating our resources to ensure all our projects run smoothly and on time without running over budget.

 Meet the Creative Shop team – give us a call and see what we can do for you.