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Creative Shop offers a full turnkey retail shopfitting solution

Creative Shop is one of the few truly turnkey shopfitting companies in South Africa. We offer our clients a one-stop solution to all their retail interior and shopfitting requirements.

We have our own in-house interior architecture, drafting and design department to plan your perfect store layout.
We also have our own state of the art manufacturing factory where we construct all the signage, racking and shelving and cabinetry required for your new store interior.

Then we have our own fleet of trucks, manned by multiple installation crews and overseen by our in-house project managers to complete each and every shop fitting installation on site at your location.

Are you looking for a shopfitting solution? Contact us today for a free preliminary retail design consultation.

Each shopfitting project we undertake consists of several phases:

The design consultation

During this phase our designers and your project manager meet with you to establish your retail interior requirements.

We discuss budgets and objectives, and answer questions such as:

Is this a brand new store concept?
Are you revamping a tired old space?
Are you re-locating to a bigger premises?
Do you want to franchise an existing retail business model?
Who are your target customers?
What aesthetic and atmosphere are you trying to create?
Do you want customers to linger and browse, or do you want them to move through your space quickly?
What is your budget?
How big is your space?
What is the exiting floor plan?
What limitations does your landlord have regarding your interior design?
What is your brand identity and colour pallet?
Do you want Creative Shop to design a new brand identity for you?
And much more.

Interior architecture and space planning

In the next phase, our design department works on a space plan taking the brief and initial meeting into consideration. We then present this plan to our client for sign off and re-work the concepts until the client is completely happy with our proposed design and budget. Our design team uses technology such as 3D walk through renders and 3D printed prototypes to help our clients visualise what their future space will look and feel like.

Fabrication and manufacture

Once we have sign-off on our store layout and design, we will commence manufacture of all the various components that go into a successful retail design. Things like bulkheads, cabinets, racking and shelving, checkout counters, custom point of sale units, furniture and unique lighting fixtures. Our private factory is equipped with state of the art machinery, such as CnC machines and professional spray booths to make sure all the shop fittings that leave our facility are of a world-class standard.

Sourcing and logistics

Our team of buyers travels to trade shows across South Africa and around the world to source new retail design materials, including racking and shelving solutions, engineered stone surfaces, titles, wall and floor surfaces, and the latest trends in lighting design. You can rest assured that our buyers have the negotiation skills and logistical expertise, coupled with the strong supply-chain relationships required to find you the best price and quality materials for your store fit-out. We have our own fleet of delivery vehicles which enable us to offer you, our client, considerable time and cost savings on travel and delivery to site anywhere within the SADAC region – no matter how remote your store location may be.

Shopfitting installations and project management

Lastly, once all the manufactured shop fittings are completed and have passed our quality control process, we load up our trucks and send our shopfitting installation teams out to your site. Once on site, our shopfitters will build your shop and turn your old outlet or white-boxed retail location into the store you always wanted. Our project managers are on hand and on site throughout all four steps in this shopfitting process, to ensure you are satisfied with your shopfitting solution. We also offer a comprehensive snagging and post-project follow up service to ensure that your store is maintained just the way you want it.