Why Fashion Boutique Shopfitting Is Good For Your Business

Why fashion boutique shopfitting is good for your businessYou now own your own boutique clothing store and the salient question becomes, “how do I set my store apart from my competition?” It’s an important question and it’s also one which doesn’t only come down to the quality of your goods or the prices you have on offer, as determined by your demographic. Another vital element is the look and feel of your actual store front.

Visual appeal is often the deciding factor for a potential patron when walking past your and other stores. If they know neither store, which do they enter?

Invariably they will enter the more attractive store, and they’ll stay in it and shop for longer if they feel comfortable while there. This also has a dramatic impact on the rate of repeat business, otherwise known as customer loyalty. Most business owners will correctly assert that repeat business is more important than new business, due to the longevity or sustainability of the business model.

In a detailed and thorough analysis published on the topic on www.academia.edu, by researcher Mohammad Rasel Mia, entitled “Investigation of the impact of store interior design on consumer purchasing decision”, Mr Mia noted that “retail shops are facing intense competition from the newly opened online stores because the ease of access and speedy payment system are included in online shopping, therefore without being well decorated it is very tough to survive in the retail market.”

His and many other such studies have noted at length the impact that lighting, music and overall interior design have on the long-term sales of retailer. Numerous polls have reflected that repeat business is directly impacted by the comfort and visual stimulation of customers, all of which is impacted by your boutique shopfitting strategy. Identifying traffic flow patterns for your customers, ideal display areas and colour schemes are key ingredients, as is affecting an overarching branding strategy.

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