How to increase your optometry’s foot traffic and turnover through great shopfitting

Through our years of experience in the retail design and shopfitting industry we have seen how optometrists can attract more customers into their stores and improve their profits through great retail design.

Our optometry clients face growing competition from online shops and multi-national discount chains that cause decreased foot traffic and pressure on bottom lines.

The only way for brick and mortar optometrists to compete is to offer what multi-nationals and websites cannot: A personal, tactile experience.

And great retail design is an essential part of the retail experience.

Attractive store fronts draw feet into stores and smart optometry space planning guides customers around your store, passed impulse purchases, and towards high-profit items.

Here are some of our top tips to delight your customers and improve retail sales.

Optometry Design Tip #1 Create a Unique and Inviting Visual Identity

A distinct colour and lighting scheme makes your shop inviting and memorable. We encourage our optometrist clients to incorporate some bold design elements into their interiors. Great retail design should enhance your brand identity. And remember, great lighting is essential. You want your customers to look their best when they look in the mirror at their new glasses – the better your customers look, the more likely they are to buy.

Optometry Design Tip #2 Incorporate Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are anything that gets your shoppers to slow down and enjoy their retail experience. By incorporating rest areas, like bench seating seamlessly into the optometry design you invite shoppers to sit down and get comfortable while waiting to see the optometrist. The more time shoppers spend in your store, the more likely they are to try on different frames and browse your other retail products.

Optometry Design Tip #3 Custom Point of Sale Displays

Space-saving and display maximising point of sale display solutions are essential for all retailers – and especially for optometrists who have a wide range of inventory to showcase. At Creative Shop, we have designed a unique 3D printed glasses merchandising system to help our customers display their products to maximum effect in minimal space.

Optometry Design Tip #4 Lead Your Customer on a Path

A great retail space plan will lead your customer through your entire store, passed all your merchandise. The more items your shoppers see, the more likely they are to add impulse items to their baskets. We recommend you incorporate a layout plan that guides your customers through your store, past all your key product displays, and towards the consultation room at the back of the shop.

Optometry Design Tip #5 Maximise your impulse opportunities

Point of sale displays, such as checkout counter product displays have been proven to boost retail sales by 7%. Make sure your optometry has a striking checkout counter display and that it is well-stocked.

These are just some of the ways great retail design can drive your sales and profits.

To make sure that your optometry interior benefits from all the shopfitting tricks in the book, you really need a optometry retail design specialist on your team.

Get a free design and shopfitting consultation for your optometry from the experts at Creative Shop. Go to or call us on 011 872 1510 to take us on on this offer today.


Source: Biz Community Posted: 4 DEC 2017

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