Great Retail Space Planning For Your Business

Latest-sightings2-3D-lineweight1One of the most effective ways to increase sales for your store is through the proper use of layout and space. The shelving and displays are mandatory expenses anyway when setting up shop but what many small business owners underestimate is how much more money they stand to make if they take this very seriously. Unfortunately, many store owners only discover this fact later, once they have more industry experience and, at that point, a refurbishment can cost more than they’d like.

Retail space planning takes several forms but the key elements are space, traffic flow and psychological ques


The Use of Space

Our counterparts in the US, FitSmallBusiness, created a useful representation of layout options one can make use of when setting up a store.

floor plan

These are, of course, only examples and there are many more possibilities, depending on your particular type of store, the area it operates out of, and your capital. Other than your actual product or produce displays it’s important to keep your entrance area in mind. You do not want people to feel crowded the moment they enter your establishment and you want to give them something of an overview of what’s on offer.

After that it’s essential to keep the amount of checkout counters in mind, and how you’re going to bottle people into those pay stations.

Keep them Moving

An essential aspect of retail space planning is identifying how you want your customers to move and circulate throughout your store. Clockwise or anti-clockwise, towards specific displays or towards the checkout counters? Planning like this can make all the difference in the long-run in terms of profitability, because they directly impact the experience customers have with your store and their own comfort.

The Psychological Touch

Many grocery store owners are aware that placing fresh fruit at the entrance of their stores is a great way to make people feel good about the establishment. People walk in and see something fresh and green, and immediately feel that the store is clean, reliable and trustworthy – simply because people feel good about the look of fresh fruit. There are examples like this for every kind of retail outlet and you need to be aware which applies to yours.

Display your Golden Egg

What are your hot items for the upcoming season? Do you have any specials coming up? Guide patrons towards these items by establishing display areas in advance and simply change the items on display as per your shifting needs. Ensure that your isles are optimised to lead to this prominent display area.

Retail space planning professionals have done the in-depth research on these and many other topics and are an excellent investment if you’re setting up your next enterprise, and looking to maximise both space and profits.


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