Michelle Ludek Store Fit-Out at Rosebank Mall

The Creative Shop Retail Shopfitting team was delighted to be a part of the design and build of the new Michelle Ludek ladies fashion boutique at Rosebank Mall. more…

creative shop convenience store shopfitting botswana

Botswana Fit-Out Project

The Creative Shop shopfitting team has just wrapped up a massive design-build fit-out project in Botswana for a wonderful convenience store client.


Design joburg's expo stand by Creative Shop

Expo Stand by Creative Shop Retail Shopfitting in collaboration with Heather Boting at Design Joburg, Rooms on View

Creative Shop Retail Shopfitting was honoured to partner with top Johannesburg interior designer, Heather Boting on her exhibition stand for the Design Joburg Rooms on View Show.

We thoroughly enjoyed building the richly-textured wooden stand for Heather’s impeccably design bedroom and bathroom expo stand.


Why Fashion Boutique Shopfitting Is Good For Your Business

Why fashion boutique shopfitting is good for your businessYou now own your own boutique clothing store and the salient question becomes, “how do I set my store apart from my competition?” It’s an important question and it’s also one which doesn’t only come down to the quality of your goods or the prices you have on offer, as determined by your demographic. Another vital element is the look and feel of your actual store front.

Visual appeal is often the deciding factor for a potential patron when walking past your and other stores. If they know neither store, which do they enter?


When to Consider Corporate Interior Shopfitting for Your Work Area

When to consider corporate interior shopfitting for your work areaA great office design makes good business sense. That’s the principal we at Creative Shop operate on when it comes to modern corporate shopfitting. Regardless of your business model, if your staff operate out of a corporate workspace your profits are determined by their level of satisfaction and productivity. Your office design, and by this we do not intend only the layout, will have a direct impact on how well you’re able to both retain skilled staff and get the most out of them. But what elements need to be considered?


Cellular store fit-outs

Cellular store fit-outsCellular stores tend to face a few unique challenges which other retailers do not; at least they certainly face them to a unique degree. For one space is almost always extremely limited and for another, the level of competition can be overwhelming. For these and other reasons, professional shoptfitting for cellular stores is often a ‘make or break’ element in determining the ultimate success of the endeavour.

Overcoming the space limitations means highly efficient display stands and logistics. Whether you’re in the business of selling actual phones or their accessories, they are visual products. Your potential customers need to both see and be inspired by your products and if they don’t see what they’re looking for they need to be drawn to alternative options. This issue is solved via the clever use of space, ensuring that it is utilised to its fullest without creating a cluttered feeling, which might cramp browsers out of your store.


Benefits of Retail Design for Shops

Benefits of retail design for shops. retail designWith the rise in popularity of online outlets, professional retail design and shopfitting is more important than ever. A brick and mortar store has to make up for a great deal of disadvantages when competing with online or digital competitors. They’re more convenient in just about every way including the fact that consumers don’t need to find parking or wait in a queue to pay for their goods. So how can interior design strategy make up for these things?


Advantages of Hiring Retail Shopfitting Specialists

Advantages of hiring retail shopfitting specialists imageThere can be few things more intimidating to the uninitiated than staring into the hollow shell of a newly acquired store property and thinking, “what have I gotten myself into?” It’s a common sensation in new store owners and to be expected. With nothing but bare walls for decoration, a sensation of intense potential accompanied by the threat of it not being fulfilled can be palatable. But, this is why hiring an experienced retail shopfitting company is as important as your capital investment in the store itself.


Great Retail Space Planning For Your Business

Latest-sightings2-3D-lineweight1One of the most effective ways to increase sales for your store is through the proper use of layout and space. The shelving and displays are mandatory expenses anyway when setting up shop but what many small business owners underestimate is how much more money they stand to make if they take this very seriously. Unfortunately, many store owners only discover this fact later, once they have more industry experience and, at that point, a refurbishment can cost more than they’d like.

Retail space planning takes several forms but the key elements are space, traffic flow and psychological ques



Creative Shop retail shopfitting is nine years old

Happy birthday to Creative Shop Retail Shopfitting!

Today, on the 24th of October 2017, Creative Shop Retail Shopfitting turns nine years old. Read on below to view some of our favourite projects and memories from the last nine years… more…

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